Hail a cab anywhere, anytime

ihail is a brand new smartphone app that will connect you to every Blue Bubble Taxi in most main centres. It offers standard fares so you will never be charged surge prices again.

Available now for Android & iOS

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Available now for Android & iOS



See all taxis in your area and the estimated time of arrival.

Blue Bubble

Access to New Zealand's largest Taxi Fleet

Pickup now or later

Arrange to be picked-up now or schedule for a later date and time.

Driver tracking

Track your taxi on its way to you.

Driver rating

Rate your driver once you have got to your destination.


About ihail
  • What is ihail?
  • Is ihail available where I live?
  • Is ihail always available?
  • Can I use ihail overseas?
  • What impact do my driver ratings have?
How to sign up to ihail
  • Is there a cost to create an account?
  • Where do I download ihail for iOS?
  • Where do I download ihail for Android?
  • How do I create an ihail account?
Using the app
  • How do I make an ihail booking?
  • App permissions
  • Accessibility features
  • Can I save frequent pickup and destinations points?
  • Can I request a car for another person?
  • Can I request a specific type of car?
  • Can I make a future booking with ihail?
  • How do I rate my booking with ihail?
App issues
  • Why doesn’t the app recognise my exact location?
  • What do I do if the app freezes?
  • My connection with the ihail services is interrupted
  • Report an issue with the app
Getting picked up with ihail
  • How do I identify my driver?
  • Can I bring along my pet?
  • Why did my booking ETA change?
General enquiries
  • Press enquiries
  • Law enforcement
  • Marketing and sponsorships
  • ihail’s Privacy Policy
About the drivers
  • Who are the drivers we connect you with?
  • Can I request a specific driver?
  • How do I give driver feedback?
  • How many passengers can fit in a vehicle?
  • I left something in the car. What do I do?
Understanding your receipt
  • Why was I charged a toll, surcharge, or fee?
  • Why was I charged an unknown fee?
  • Why was I charged a cleaning fee?
  • What fees and charges apply with ihail?
  • Do you charge per person or per vehicle?
  • Can I use more than one credit card?
  • What is a No Job Fee?
  • How can I pay with ihail?
  • How was my total payment amount determined?
  • Can I tip my driver through the ihail app?
  • Do I need to tip my driver?
  • How do I use promo codes (credits) for my booking?
  • How do I set my default payment method?
  • How do I set my default In App payment method?
  • How do I change my In App payment method for a specific booking?
  • How do I add another In App payment method?
  • I was charged incorrectly
  • What are authorisation holds?
  • The app says there was an error adding a payment method
  • What payment options are available in-app?
  • What In Car payments options are available?
  • My app payment method was declined and I had to pay in car
  • My booking was cancelled due to an invalid credit card
Promo Codes
  • Can I extend a promo code’s expiry date?
  • Can I choose when to apply a promo code to a trip?
  • How can I earn free credits?
  • How do I update my account information?
  • How do I retrieve or reset my password?
  • Why is my account suspended?
  • Why can’t I update my email address?
  • The app says my email or mobile number is already in use
  • I am not receiving SMS verification messages
  • I am not receiving ihail emails
  • I think my account details might be stolen
  • I want to delete my account

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